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Installing a Microphone / Camera Together Using Our UTP Combo Cable

Our cable / microphone kit provides a way to install a microphone at a camera using just one cable. Our UTP Combo cable has 18 guage power conductors for ample power for camera, LED lamps, and mic with minimal voltage drop.  For typical 12vdc security cameras, this cable supports the wiring of cameras of up to 400' feet from the DVR and power supply.

Kit Contents
This image below displays all the component parts of the kit: Close up of cable conductors; wall bushings; RCA lead to interface with DVR audio input; microphone; pair of video baluns; power leads; crimp connectors for joining two pieces of wires together.

microphone kit parts

Wiring Diagram
The diagram below shows how baluns are used to carry the video signal with on pair of twisted wires while the other pair is used for the microphone. The red and black wires carry power for both the camera and microphone.  The dashed line indicates all the connections which typically will be contained within one weatherproof electrical box (see next image).

microphone camera wiring diagram

Real Life Installation Example
The image below shows a real life installation example.  The end of the microphone barely peeks out of the cable access hole at the bottom of the electrical box and is sealed with low density foam.

microphone camera wiring diagram


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