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Setting Up DNS on QV Series DVRs to Resolve Server Names
Setting up many QV DVR's network features requires entry of a server name. Some examples are Email (SMTP server to send email), FTP (file transfer protocol to upload snapshots and video clips), and DNSS (Dynamic Name Server Service) to deal with an ever changing external IP address). A server name is very similiar in format to a website subdomain name and consists of alpha numeric characters. For example, "smtpout.sercureserver.net". The DVR needs convert (or "resolve") server names into explicit IP addresses, for example, 123.465.21.171. To do this, it needs the IP address of at least one Domain Name Server available through your internet service. This tutorial explains how to find the IP address(s) of your network's DNS and then how to configure the DVR to use it.

Step 1: Find and Write Down Your DNS IP Address(s)
One of the easiest ways to find your DNS addreses is to run the DOS Command Prompt from Windows. To do this, click the Start Button > "Run..." > then type: "cmd" > followed by clicking the "Open" button. Once the black DOS Command Prompt windows is up, type in the command: "ipconfig /all" followed by a carriage return to display the output below:

results of DOS IPconfig command
Note #1:  Type in the command, "ipconfig /all" to display information about your local network including the IP addresses of your Domain Name Servers.
Note #2:  These are the IP addresses we are after. Write them down for the next step. The second address is called the "Alternate DNS Server" by the DVR and is used only for backup purposes. Don't worry if a secondary IP address is not listed here; the DVR only needs one.

Step 2: Enter Your DNS IP Address(s) Into The DVR
Now all we have to do is take the IP addresses we collected in step 1 and enter them into the DNS configuration menu of the DVR. To get to this menu, enter the Network menu and then double-click the DNS list item below:

DVR Network Configuration Screen
Note #1:  Double-Click on the DNS line in the listbox to bring up the smaller menu where the server addresses can be entered.
Note #2:  Enter the IP addresse(s) collected in step one here. Again, the DVR are only needs one. Note that the "Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically" is not active unless the network option to enable DHCP is selected. Enabling DHCP is generally not desirable, however. When finished, click OK follwed by Save. It will be necessary to reboot the DVR (from the Main Menu) in order for these entries to take effect.


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