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More LED Lamps Do NOT Always Mean More Infrared Light!
After comparing the 1R-0070-35IR and 1R-0007-24IR to a number of competing cameras (and all more expensive) in our field installations we could see that they had equal or superior infrared illumination.  In particular, the performance of the 1R-0070-35IR (bullet) really stood out considering that it only had 35 LEDs. This was puzzling because some of the other cameras were equipped with many more LED lamps. For example, the Lammensco "Vissior" XR-Pro had 48 LEDs and the and the Swann Night Owl had a whopping 105 LEDs. To find out what was going on, we performed some simple electrical bench tests on a number of different dome and bullet cameras.

What we discovered about the competing cameras match our field observations but was still quite surprising--the amount of power supplied to all LEDs was almost the same, regardless of how many LEDs were mounted in the camera!  For example, the Night Owl only fed 1.59 watts to all of its 105 LEDs while the XR-Pro could only muster up 1.12 watts to its 48 LEDs.  By comparison the 1R-0007-24IR sent 1.41 watts to its 24 LEDS while the 1R-0070-35IR lavished its 35 LEDs with an astonishing 3.26 watts of power.

Other vendors will charge a lot more for their cameras by making a claim that a large number of LEDs equals a brighter and longer infrared light range. What they don't tell you (and probably don't know themselves) is that most of these cameras do not supply an adequate amount of power to the LEDs.  The result can be compared to a chandelier connected to dimmer switch that is turned way down. The reason for this is because many of the factories making the cameras save time and money by using the same board camera module for a number of models with different LED configurations. In the above scenario, power output to a 48 LED camera has to be within the acceptable range of another model that will have only 12 LEDs but will receive the same module.

Buy With Confidence
Our cameras may look similar to other brands, but they are not. They have been designed, tuned, and configured to deliver outstanding performance you would expect from a professional installation. Because we actually install and use the equipment we sell, we know what quality is and what will make you happy as a consumer. To meet this goal we have done a lot of hard work to get products from manufacturers who listen and respond to the needs of industry professionals. We are constantly checking our product to make sure that it continues to meet the high standard of quality that we set for our suppliers and that our customers demand.


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