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Preparing UTP Combo Cable for Camera / DVR Connection Using Video Baluns
This pictorial guide will show you precisely how to cut and prepare our UTP Combo Cable for connection to power leads and video baluns.  The camera can then be connected to a power supply and DVR.  This guide specifically demonstrates how to use the tools included with our DVR Kits and Packages. Below is a the overall wiring diagram for connecting a standard camera to a DVR:

camera wiring diagram

Step 1: Mount the Camera, Electrical Box, & Cut Cable To Length
cut and split cable

Step 2: Split The Cable Ends: Power Cable = 1.25", UTP Cable = 1.0"
seperate siamese cable

strip off utp casing

Step 3: Strip the Out Casing Off The UTP and Power Cables
strip off power conductor casing

Step 4: Strip Wire Casing Off Wires Reveal Copper Conductors
strip power wires and lead

Step 5: Crimp Connect The Power Lead Wires & Screw Down Balun Wires
strip cat5e wires

Step 6: Connect The Camera to the Balun and Power Lead
connect utp to video balun


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