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QV-XTA:  4,  8,  and 16 Camera H.264 DVRs With Embedded Linux OS
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 Specifications         Startup Manual         Full Manual         More Images / Screen Shots      *** 3 Year Warranty ***

 QV-4XTA    Choose Storage Options for 4 Camera System:       DVD Burner Only       500GB HDD (+$65.00)       1TB HDD (+$85.00)       2TB HDD (+$165.00)

        Bare Bones Price: $419.00              
 QV-8XTA    Choose Storage Options for 8 Camera System:       DVD Burner Only       500GB HDD (+$65.00)       1TB HDD (+$85.00)       2TB HDD (+$165.00)

        Bare Bones Price: $499.00            
 QV-16XTA    Choose Storage Options for 16 Camera System:       DVD Burner Only       500GB HDD (+$65.00)       1TB HDD (+$85.00)       2TB HDD (+$165.00)

        Bare Bones Price: $629.00            
  The QV-XTA digital video recorder is the ultimate in digital surveillance technology.  High performance, feature-rich, and ease-of-use functionality combine to make this DVR one of the best stand alone systems on the market today.  The QV-XTA is an Enterprise class DVR utilizing H.264 hardware compression Blackfin digital signal processors.  At  D1 resolution, it can record up to 7 fps on every camera.  Note, many DVR sellers only advertise the recording rate for CIF resolution!  When looking at the competition, read spec sheets carefully to figure out the true recording size and frame rate for each camera.  Don't assume the display and recording resolutions are the same (they usually are not).

The ease-of-use of the QV-XTA is amazing.  Simply plug it in and it begins recording.  The graphical user interface makes setup and control as easy as pointing and clicking the mouse.  In addition, the unit also includes an IR remote.  Also, any number of cameras be called up to simultaneously play back recorded video.  This is an important feature which is often overlooked.

Over-the-internet functions of live viewing (including audio!), playback, configuration, firmware upgrades, local recording, and backup are all standard on the QV-XTA.  The embedded web server enables users to perform all these remote function via the Internet Explorer browser, eliminating the need to install software.  However, free, advanced central monitoring software is also provided that adds on to the IE Explorer functions to include watching multiple QV-XTA units and displaying pop-up alerts for alarms and other events.  Two-way voice talk and audio over the Internet is also standard.  There are too many features to list, but some of the best include: Video Matrix, 10 Simultaneous Network Users, RAID Storage, FTP Recording/Backup, Email Alerts w/ Snapshot Pics, DDNS Support, PTZ Control via Mouse, Power Failure Auto-Recovery, DVD-RW Backup, Remote User Management, and Much, Much, More.

Full-featured 4th generation digital surveillance technology utilizing a Linux embedded OS, embedded web server, and Blackfin DSPs bring together the most powerful network-based digital video recorder available without sacrificing usability or breaking your pocket book!
  Hardware & Performance
     H.264 Hardware Compression  Why Important?
     Pentaplex - Live / Playback / Record / Backup / Remote Access
     Embedded Linux RTOS (real-time operating system) for Reliability
     High Performance Embedded Microprocessor and Blackfin Digital Signal Processors
     Can record 7fps / D1(4CIF) / Camera  OR  30fps / CIF / Camera
     True HDTV, Fully HDCP Compliant High Definition Output through HDMI Port.
     4 X Simultaneous Video Outputs  Learn More
     VGA Monitor Output  Why Important?
     Spot Monitor Out with Video Matrix Function  Learn More
     Internal DVD-RW Burner (installed with hard drive option)
     Resolution & Frame Rate for Recorded Video can be set on a Camera by Camera Basis
     Synched Audio on All Channels
     VOIP (Voice Over IP)--For Two-Way Voice Conversations between DVR Location and Remote User
     2 x USB 2.0 Port: 1 for Mouse + 1 for External HDD or Thumb Drive Backup
     Support For FAST eSATA External Hard Drives
     3 SATA Hard Drives Bays, even with DVD-RW Installed
     No Hard Drive Size Limitation--YES! New SATA Hard Drives of 2TB and Larger are Supported.
     RAID 1 for Redundant Recording to Separate HDDs for Mission Critical Applications
  Versatility and Ease of Use
     Jog/Shuttle Control - For fast forward/rewind and frame-by-frame playback
     Each Channel can be Config. Independently for Frame Rate, Frame Size, and Compression Level!
     Graphical User Interface with On-Screen Menu Tips
     System Defaults - Power it on and it records 24/7, motion detect area defaults to entire scene.
     Hard Drives are Plug 'N Play; No Formatting Required, Saving Configuration Time
     RS-485 (for PTZ camera) & Alarm Connections are Screw Terminals for Quick Setup
     All Camera Independent Simultaneous Playback  Why Important?
     Advanced User Management  Learn More
     Easy Backup Methods: USB devices, CD-RW / DVD-RW, or to another computer over the network
     Easy Conversion of Video Clips to .AVI file format  Why Important?
     Playback downloaded video clips with Windows Media Player
     Watermark Verification of Video to Ensure Authenticity
     Powerful & Flexible Record Settings: Motion Detect, Schedule, Alarm Sensor, or Continuous
     Robust Pre & Post Alarm Recording Capability  Why Important?
     HDD Hibernation--Inactive Drives Power Down, Saving Energy and Extending Hard Disk Life
     Advanced Email Alerts  Cool Feature Alert  FREE Email Account for SMTP Relays
     Power Failure Auto-Recovery--Recording and Detection resumes after recovering
    from a power failure.
     Scheduled Auto-Restart and Auto-File Deletion
     Digital Zoom
     Video Loss Alerts
     Tampering Alerts--For When A Camera is Masked or Covered
     Configurable Live Camera Sequencing
     Multi-Protocol PTZ Support via RS-485
     PTZ Pattern, Tour, and Preset Setup
     Control PTZ w/ Mouse!--Drag mouse on screen for movement; Use mouse scroll wheel for zooming.
     PTZ Triggering on Motion Detection or Alarms  Cool Feature Alert
     Extensive System Status Reporting: Info about online users, live recording bit rates per camera,
    available hard disk space, the viewing activity and system logs, etc.
     10/100 Network Interface (Standard Ethernet Connection)
     Complete remote access including live view, playback, configuration, upgrade, reboot, system status,
    and backup via Internet Explorer or supplied Central Monitoring Software (called "PSS")
     Powerful, Feature-Rich Central Monitoring Software can view 36 cameras
    at once from multiple DVRs and Locations.
     Low Bandwidth Remote Viewing Supported
     DDNS via DynDns.org or No-IP.com (works with FREE Dynamic Domain Name Service providers)
     FTP (file transfer protocol) for Off-Site Redundant Recordings. Upon motion detection, alerts, or
    schedule, unit can simultaneously record to an off-site FTP server to prevent data loss in the case
    of DVR theft, destruction, or HDD failure.
     Up to 10 users can simultaneously view all cameras of the DVR via the network or remote locations.
     IP Address Filtering and Connection Blocking
     IP Connection Log
     NTP - Network Time Protocol, allows the DVR to synch with FREE internet time servers.
     Record Locally AND to a Remotely Connected PC
     Powerful Network Feature Gives You The Power To Control Bandwidth

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