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1R-0007-24IR Vandal Proof Dome with 1/3" Sony HAD CCD
  Metal Vandal Proof Dome Camera
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  Like the 35IR Bullet, this model is weatherproof and has excellent night vision capabilities. Both models use the same Sony Super HAD CCD image sensor and camera chipset. However, the 1R-0007-24IR has the advantage over bullet models where there is a high likelihood that a person guided by criminal intent will try to jump up and disable the camera. The 1R-0007-24IR firmly mounts to any flat surface, making it one tough cookie for a would-be vandal. It's rock solid, slick, and difficult to grab. Think of it as a short, stout running back with no neck. It can be mounted vertically on a wall or on a ceiling. This is now the model of choice for professional installers over the all-plastic domes for low-light indoor applications. The older models either have no night vision or problems when the LEDs reflect off the plastic dome back into the lens.  Vandal proof domes have no sun shield.  Therefore, they must be placed where the sun can not directly shine into the lens.

Features and Specifications         
 1/3 Sony Super HAD CCD Image Sensor
 24 Infrared LEDs for Excellent Night Vision
 510(H) x 492(V) CCD Effective Pixels
 420 TVL (TV Lines)
 3.6mm Fixed Lens
 Versatile: Indoor/Outdoor Applications
 Resistant to Harsh Weather: IP66
 Rugged Cast Aluminum Body
 Mount to Wall or Ceiling, No Bracket Required
 Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
 Automatic Backlight Compensation
 Automatic White Balance
 Auto Iris: 1/50 ~ 1/80,000 Second Shutter Speed
 1.0 volt peak to peak baseband video at 75ohms
 Power Requirement: 12VDC
 250mA (max. when LEDs active)
 Low Power consumption: 1.4 watts (day) / 2.8 watts (night)
 Power Connector Type: Standard 2.1mm Barrel Connector
 Video Connector Type: BNC
 Dimensions: 3.69"(base diameter) x 2.75"(height)

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