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iPhone Demo Instructions
Step #1: Install and Run the App
  Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
  Conduct a search on the phrase "DMSS".
  Installl the DMSS app for free and run it.

Step #2: Enter the Login Information
  Bring up the Settings Screen by hitting the gear icon at the bottom.
  Enter the log in info as shown below, right.
  Hit the "Back" button when done to return to the Main Screen.
iPhone Configuration Screens
Step #3: View Cameras & Play With PTZ (Wonwoo WSJ-300)
  Select a camera (1 to 4) and hit the connect icon (bottom, left)
  Camera #1 is a PTZ--the app can move, zoom, and focus this camera. See diagram below:

iphone ptz controls
  Try turning the phone sideways to enter full screen mode:

DMSS full screen mode
Turning the phone back to the vertical position restores the original user interface and picture.

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