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32 Channel Stand Alone H.264 DVRs
We are proud distributors of some of the best industrial grade, hardware-based H.264 DVRs available on the market today.  At the heart of the PRO series is the Da Vinci series DSP (digital signal processor) engineered by Texas Instruments Corp. that delivers incredible recording quality at high frame rates while drammatically consuming less hard disk space than traditional MPEG-4 DVRs. But this is just the start--the embedded-Linux system is a reliable networking marvel that covers every base of your security video needs and then some.  Every camera can simultaneously record crisp video with synched audio and up to 15 seconds of pre-event video. These models come with an extensive 3 year warranty.

* Note:   CIF = 352 X 240 pixels   D1 = 704 x 480 pixels = 4CIF

  QV-32PRO    Total Record Rate: 480 fps (Realtime D1)           30 fps Full D1, On EVERY Camera

16 Channel h264 DVR model QV-8RTAHD-D1 with mouse and remote $999.00 (No HDD, Only DVD Burner)

32 Channel H264 DVR, Enterprise Class (Top-of-the-Line) entry in the QV Series .  Here is just a glimpse of the features that make this security H264 DVR the absolute ultimate performer in digital surveillance technology:

True 1080p HDTV Output via HMDI Connector  
Easy Mouse-Driven GUI   Pentaplex Operation  
Remote Monitoring & Config.   VGA Monitor Support  
Advanced Motion Detection   Alarm Inputs & Outputs  
IR Remote Included   Extensive PTZ Support  
2-Way Voice Comm. (VOIP)   Privacy Masking  
Email Alerts for Motion, Video Loss, & HD Errors 
8 SATA Drive Bays (No Size Limit)   2 Bays used for DVD Burner
Includes Hardware to Rack Mount DVR in 2RU Space 
Backup via DVD, Network, & USB Thumb Drive or Hard Disk 

 DVD Burner  No DVD Burner
Include DVD Burner (+$35.00)

 Storage Options  No Hard Drives
Install 2TB SATA HDD (+$140.00)
Install 4TB SATA HDD (+$280.00)
Install 8TB SATA HDD (+$560.00)
Install 12TB SATA HDD (+$840.00)
Install 16TB SATA HDD (Do not order a Burner) (+$1,120.00)

Base Price: $999.00  

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