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PTZ: Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Amazing Cameras To Survey An Entire Scene
PTZ cameras are truly a technology marvel to behold in the way that they can aim and zoom in on almost an infinite amount of views within a scene.  The telephoto lens can see far away objects way beyond the capability of the human eye while advanced models can move at head-spinning speed or gently pan at a relaxing pace which compensates for zoom level. All models can be controlled by our DVRs or a dedicated joystick controller.

We have assembled our product line based on two different budget requirements while always maintaining a high level of quality and performance that will exceed your expectations.

Regardless of where or who you buy your PTZ from, we highly recommend you consider these basic issues:

 Communication Protocol  This is the language that is spoken by the joystick controller/DVR to the PTZ camera, carried by an RS-485 signal over one Unshielded Twisted Pair of wires (like those found in Cat5e/network cable).  If your DVR, controller, and PTZ can't speak the same language, a minor bout of depression will soon follow.  For the most part, manufactures who make equipment for the largest consumer base have informally settled on Pelco D as the standard to ensure maximum compatibility. Please make sure that all PTZ equipment support at least one common protocol.

 Support For Presets  This very important feature is the ability to direct the camera to a key location and then store this position in memory. The idea is that the "preset" position can be quickly recalled at a later time. There are many uses for one or more presets. Using presets is very handy when directing the camera over the internet when choppy bandwidth makes control difficult. Our DVRs can even use presets to automate PTZ movement to a location based on an alarm or motion detected by a fixed camera.  The use of presets extends to programming tours, auto guard positioning, scanning between multiple way points, etc.

 Endless Panning Rotation  This is the ability of the camera continuously move in the horizontal direction without limit.  Some PTZ cameras will actually encounter a stopping point while panning left to right and vice-versa.  In order to get to the next incremental position along the same line of travel, the user is forced to swing around 355 degrees in the opposite direction! This will make you grumpy. Make sure your PTZ has endless rotation.

 Heater / Blower  If you live in inclement weather, this feature is a "must have" to prevent the clear dome from fogging up or accumulating frost on cold days.

 Outer Dome Construction Material  When looking at product images it is often difficult to discern the outer dome housing and wall mount bracket construction materials. While many budget models are made out of plastic, all of our models use high-strength powder-coated aluminum.

 Day / Night Mode  Although most PTZ cameras do not have LEDs, most decent quality units go into a "night mode" with the onset of low-light conditions and become sensitive to IR light like our night vision cameras. Without this feature, the PTZ will become almost useless after sunset. With night mode, however, many PTZ cameras are quite good at utilizing small amounts of natural light to achiefve surprising picture quality during the evening hours.

If your are considering a budget PTZ camera that makes no mention of a features or attribute listed above, there's a good chance that the feature is not included.  You can be rest assured, even our most economical PTZ camera supports Pelco D (and many more) along with all the other above mentioned features.

   EWSJ-330:  Unparalleled Quality & Performance From Wonwoo    Sale Price!!!                       
 520TVL Sony SuperHAD CCD w/ 768 x 494 Effective Pixels
 33X Optical Zoom  /  Variable Digital Zoom: Off to 10X
 Protocols: Pelco D,P and more: Can Auto Detect Protocol!
 Baud Rates: 2400 to 230,400bps
 360 Deg. Endless Panning / Virtual 180 deg. Tilt Range
 Built-in Image Stabilization
 IR Cut Filter Removal / Superior Low-Light Pictures
 Up to 248 Preset Positions
 Preset Pan Speed: 380 deg./second  (Smoke'n FAST!)
 Preset Tilt Speed: 150 deg./second
 Pan/Tilt Speed Under User Control: .1-150 deg/sec, Variable
 4 Tours Memorized From All User Control (up to 4 min. each!)
 8 Program Tours: Any Combo of Mem. Tours + Scanning to Presets
 8 Privacy Zones (Defined Private Scene Regions Blanked Out)
 Horizon Auto Flip When Tilting Down Past 90 deg. Vertical
 8 Alarm Inputs & 2 Alarm Relay Outputs
 Can Autostart Tour or Jump to Preset After Defined Inactivity
 Rugged Aluminum IP66 Environmental Structure
 Temperature Controlled Fan / Heater
 Power Requirements: 24VAC / 1a (3a with Fan & Heater)
  All These Features And More Are Easy To Set!

Price: $895.00     Quantity:    
   Wonwoo WSJ-330 Crime Scene Dramatization
   Wonwoo WSJ-330 Preset Demo

   Great Value For Those Wanting A Solid Performing Economy Model    Sale Price!!!                       
 480TVL Sony SuperHAD CCD
 27X Optical Zoom
 RS-485 Protocols: Pelco D,P / Vicon / Lilin / Kalatel-312 & more
 Baud Rates: 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600bps
 360 Deg. Endless Panning / 90 deg. Tilt Range
 Pan / Tilt Speed: 20 deg. / second
 16 Presets
 Can auto scan between 2 preset points
 Can return to guard position after inactivity
 Tough Weatherproof Aluminum Housing and Wall Bracket
 Temperature Controlled Fan / Heater
 Auto Focus / Auto Iris / Auto White Balance
 BLC (Back Light Compensation)
 Signal to Noise Ratio: At Least 50db
 Power Consumption: 24w
 14VDC Power Supply Included

Price: $299.00     Quantity:    
   PTZ-GD1 Crime Scene Dramatization

PTZ Cable Kit: UTP/Power Combo Cable + 2 Video Baluns + 2 Wall Bushings

   Custom Length PTZ Cables With Excellent Video & Power Transmission Qualities                       
This kit allows you to connect your PTZ camera to a DVR, controller, and/or video monitor using only ONE cable. What makes this cable special is the heavy 18awg power conductors. This is what it takes for most power hungry PTZs. 

Balun installation is easy. Simply strip brown/white-brown UTP wires, place inside balun, then use a screwdriver to tighten terminals. RS-485 control wires between the PTZ and the control device will have a similiar procedure. Most PTZ cameras and power supplies use simple screw down terminals to connect power conductors.

Two wall bushings are also included to protect and seal surfaces where cable are passed through. Additionally, the bushings protect the cable as it is pulled, makes the area look a lot nicer, may be required by local codes, and prevents further crumbling of the surface.

 Only One cable to carry Power, Video, and PTZ control signals
 UL Listed / Rugged PVC Jacket
 Passive baluns require no external power
 Printed foot markers
 Can cut cable to custom length
 Screw terminal blocks on baluns make wire installation easy
 Bushings protect cable, and meet code requirements
 Capacity for carrying electrical current far superior to Cat5e and most other pre-made PTZ cables

 Select Cable Length  50 feet  ($34.95)
100 feet  ($44.95)
200 feet  ($59.95)
300 feet  ($72.95)
400 feet  ($84.95)
500 feet  ($95.95)

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