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Security Cameras

At Under $150.00, The Picture From These Cameras is Amazing!
After evaluating numerous cameras from many different suppliers, we've finally found a handful of models which offer outstanding performance at a great price. These cameras provide vibrant color and excellent detail while performing superbly during the night. A photo cell on these cameras will detect low light conditions and automatically put them into a night vision mode where the picture is black and white and sensitive to the IR light emitted by its LEDs (light emitting diode). The advanced chipset inside these cameras has been finely tuned to achieve clear and long night vision range while not over exposing close subjects. Cheaper models will "ghost out" a human face that's within 6 to 8 feet making it completely unrecognizable. These models do a good job of maintaining contrast on human faces even when within just a couple of feet. Additionally, both models employ a split-glass design where the front glass plate is actually two pieces separated by a black ring. At night, this prevents LED light from reflecting through the glass and directly into the lens. Cheaper models don't have this feature and will present a halo effect or other light artifacts when the LEDs become active. Don't be fooled by similar looking products, they're not all the same on the inside!

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Why Split-Glass Design?      How Can A Camera See At Night?      Do More LEDs Always Mean More Infrared Light?

Buy With Confidence
Our cameras may look similar to other brands, but they are not. They have been designed, tuned, and configured to deliver outstanding performance you would expect from a professional installation. Because we actually install and use the equipment we sell, we know what quality is and what will make you happy as a consumer. To meet this goal we have done a lot of hard work to get products from manufacturers who listen and respond to the needs of industry professionals. We are constantly checking our product to make sure that it continues to meet the high standard of quality that we set for our suppliers and that our customers demand.    

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