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QV Series Standalone H.264 DVRs With Embedded Linux OS
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We Have an Excellent Selection of H.264 DVRs--One is Sure to Meet Your Needs  

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All of our H.264 DVRs are quality standalone systems based on the highly stable and reliable Linux operation system that is burned into the firmware of the motherboard.  This means no worrying about virus attacks, Window's updates, license hassles, or OS componets getting corrupt.  These machines are tough and strictly dedicated to high demands of around-the-clock video recording. Unexpected power outage? No problem. These DVRs gracefully recover and go right back to work.  Also know that our security DVRs are a notch above the cheap quality security DVRs you'll find at the big box discount chains such as Costco, Fry's Electronics, and Super Circuts.  You may be right in thinking you don't need a lot of features, but these low budget units also fall way short on recording quality and image clarity.  Don't take our word for it, take your time and do your own research. Compare D1 recording rates and image samples (if the competition is brave enough to post them).  When you're through, come back and talk to us about how our systems will spectacularly meet your needs.

All our models include these key features that you should expect from a professional grade H.264 DVR:

  Superior H.264 Recording Compression at Full D1 Resolution
  Internet Viewing of Live and Recorded Audio/Video
  Wide support for Smart Phones & Mobile Devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Win Mobile)
  Easy-To-Use Mouse Driven Menu System
  High Resolution VGA & HDMI Output to View Cameras
  World Class Phone Support. We Answer Our Phones & Have Real-World Installation Experience.
  Mac Support! Our PSS software allows remote access using your Mac.
  Best in the Industry Warranty (for most models, 3 years)
  ALL Camera Playback and Looping Video Outputs--This is rare among H264 DVRs!
  Free Central Monitor Software to View Multiple DVRs at Once
  Huge Capacity for Storage Upgrades (2 to 10+ Terabytes)
  Audio Recording on Every Camera + Two-way Internet Voice Chat

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